Thank you for your continued dedication to meticulously documentation, research and experimebts Clifford🙏😊

In respect of legal collaboration, I would be contacting Interest of Justice (They are on Substack), Aaron Siri Esq., ICAN-Informed Consent Network formed from Del Bigtree/Aaron Siri and Co. Tom Renz Esq. and Jeff Childers Esq. (Last one from Coffee and COVID Substack) They are tackling various angles between them, and i think are now ready (since the "contamination" issue has finally surfaced), to deal with the concept of global, long term, systematic experimentation, with uninformed consent. But i woud strongly recommended YOUR work be used as the case making. The more recent work of some others, gets too distracted by the "evil" of the situation, and religious connotations, that detracts from the serious consideration of evidence. Respectfully, but bluntly, pure dispassionate and clinical science is needed, not (justified) emotion, theology or existential speculation.

The nanotechnology, and it's extended bionanopathology industry, are massive, billion (personally I think trillion) $$ industries. They will make tackling the pharmaceutical, big agriculture, big energy and telecommunications industries, look like a garden party in comparison.😐🤐

As for the mitigation strategies, that is definitely the correct term to use, not cure. I think until there are some profound changes in the environmental exposures for individuals, mitigation is the only option, and it will look different for each individual. The upside, there are actually hundreds of different therapies, treatments, molecules, practices that work to mitigate the effects of these CDS and technology, in the short to medium term.😊

I look forward to continuing to read your work and the CI history making collection.🙏👏👏🎩🎩💯🙏😊

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Thank you, Clifford. I am so looking forward to your confirmations on mitigation strategies this spring. A Spring Awakening! I am praying for you and hope the right legal expert shows up in your inbox.

Your steadfast excellent hard fact research has kept me (who has Morgellons/CDB) going for many years. God Bless.

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One main & major area that all this combined body invasion is targeting is the TCM energy meridian systems. The 12 main meridian pathways, especially the stomach pathway .

This pathways links from the tip of the nasal passage through the head, down through the neck, chest, stomach, hips, genitals, thighs, lower legs & finally through the feet & ends at the second toes.

Every function of the human system is affected by the meridian pathways & the energy/ frequency flow between them... flow blockages create illness. Their tech is accumulating along all these pathways to damage our health & affect their control over our bodily functions via remote access which is performed via the bio tech now inside everyone.

I have tested my theory over the last couple of years & have narrowed it down to this through personal experience. I am a healer of almost 30 years... I know how my body works & through being targeted heavily for the last five years I have been able to pinpoint how they are affecting not only my body but many others too. I have a little insider knowledge of who some of the top players are in this game as well so its helped me to figure things out a lot quicker.

We are looking at this being a very long running program involving Chinese medicine & the ancient meridian energy systems. They have worked out how to invade, influence & ultimately control the frequencies within them to affect control of us.

The bio tech that is being investigated now has been specifically engineered for this purpose.

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Great to hear, Clifford!

A word of caution: I think to allow a BAR attorney to "represent" you or CI is dangerous.

Just the facts surrounding the present legal system is too much to cover in this venue and you have precious little time to learn them. However, one such fact is BAR attorneys (vs. Common Law lawyers) are taught, ultimately, to do one thing. By criminal acts of inland piracy and other crimes, their goal is to extract the money and assets of people presumed to be commercial franchises and slaves who were coerced under conditions of fraud into foreign courts meant only for incorporated THINGS, all to profit the British monarch and his or her overseer, the Pope, and THEMSELVES.

Let it be known: nearly all people born or naturalized in The United States have had their birthright American political status illegally and unlawfully changed via unconscionable contracts and registrations. These Citizens/citizens are debtor franchises, indentured servants, and slaves of the British Territorial and Papist Municipal corporations known collectively as the U.S. government. THEY are in the business of providing contract services for the American government also known as The States of the Union and People, and THEY have committed agredious contract violations.

British Territorial U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States have no protections or guarantees under the Federal Constitutions. Stepping foot in one of THEIR foreign Admiralty, Maritime, or Administrative courts is a very bad idea. Moreover, if THEIR State-of-State/District Attorney or any FEDERAL entity coerces you into THEIR court or if THEIR private police arrest you on frivolous charges, you are toast...if THEY want it so. The best protection is knowing who you are as a status-corrected and published American and avoiding foreign courts.

These are demonstrable facts of which I am certain. Yes, it is a lot to fathom all at once. Nonetheless, given what is at stake for all of us, Clifford, I want to let you to know that a crafty BAR attorney directed by unscrupulous men and in league with a paid jurist called a judge can, one way or another, end your scientific efforts, latch onto your life's work, and shut you down at the drop of a hat, perhaps even jail you. Worse has befallen too many Americans. As fantastical, illegal, and unlawful as all this sounds, it happens all too often in America. Beware, my friend.

Godspeed, Clifford.

P.S. If one wants to declare his or her American birthright political status and lawful standing with concurrent general jurisdiction (Air, Land, and Sea) and sole survivorship interest in his or her Estate in order to protect his or her lawful person and property as I did, start at tasa.americanstatenationals.org to declare your intentions and then publish them on the public record. If you want to expedite this process, you can use the document preparation service at www.mystatusselect.com. This is serious business, so be mindful in your intentions.

Special note to BAR attorneys: The law requires you to register as foreign agents in The United States. If you are not registered, you are operating outside the law. If you are misaddressing Americans in foreign courts on our shores, you are breaking the law. If you were unaware of your and your fellow jurists’ crimes, I suggest you make amends and ditch your BAR licenses with haste because you are in serious trouble -- we know who you are. If your BAR Association leaders did not inform you of these matters, consider yourself informed. Educate yourselves while you still can.

Hope this helps!


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Look at the pathology, and reverse it ,

De generation of anything in the body , is not that difficult to work out ,

But normally it’s completely missed , on purpose, as there’s no money in healthy people .

The problem lies, in the cells are programmed to do all the tasks, this gets re written, the genome gets re written . The body has to rely on a process of borrowing, if the borrowing stops we sicken ,

Let me explain,

So a person lives on cheap processed foods , they can’t borrow anything from this food

A person lives on a organic diet , then there can borrow the nutrients to the cells , for optimal health,

With the genome getting re written, then nothing work s like it did before , it was programmed by nature,

So why does the bad re-edit Gnome repair ,

It will to a degree when the borrowing is put back to optimal,

And the mitochondria are repaired,

Basically as mr wef said you have been changed,

Readers NOTE

This is not medical advice or ment to replace medical advice,

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Hi Clifford, I'm trying to watch your Santa Fe videos as a good introduction to your work and they are so badly buffered it's very difficult. Is there somewhere else these are posted and if not, they need to be! I would like to share them but nobody will put up with buffering every ten seconds! Please LMK the options. Thank you.


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Does CI have any relationships with MD or PhD researchers that could evaluate your data and publish it?

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